St Andrew's

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about St Andrew's and its finances.

If you look here you can see a bit more detail about our cash flow for a recent year, and why we need to increase our income. There's also a standing order form if you'd like to contribute this way or change an instruction to your bank.

One way or another, we do get a lot of comments about the church and its activities, and on occasion they can be quite critical. Some of the time we have to hold our hand up and say, "Yes, we got that wrong." But there are also times when there has been a genuine misunderstanding, and sometimes we say that despite what you've heard, that's not what it's like at St Andrew's.

If you look here you can view a selection of comments made at various times and our responses. These may help to answer your questions, but if you'd like to talk about this further, please do get in touch with our Priest-in-Charge, Derek Arnold, or the churchwardens or any other member of the church.

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